Why Active Beauty

B.Skin Tight by Active Beauty® is the only 9-in-1 multifunctional collagen booster for beautiful,  active bodies.  Glow from the inside out.

01 The Science

Research / Findings


Formula : 9-in-1 Collagen powder

Innovation: Superor Marine Collagen

The Science

Nutrient-Infused Collagen for Maximum Benefits & Result 

We’ve discovered how to accelerate collagen production with active Vitamin C, Ionic Minerals, and Astaxanthin (microalgae) – a groundbreaking Antioxidant clinically proven to enhance skin tissue rejuvenation and combat free radicals that attack our healthy tissue and cells daily.

The Truth About Our Skin 

Collagen declines approximately 1.5% per year starting in our twenties. That is about a 25% drop in Collagen by the time people reach their 40’s. tight helps increase collagen stores in our bodies to deliver a host of skincare & wellness benefits every day.

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"Our research revealed that collagen needs additional support like most enzymatic processes in the body. As the body ages, it doesn’t build collagen where we want it, like it use to or all on its own. We knew this was a critical issue for most and we found a solution.” 
 – Founder, Stephanie Bastow


Research & Findings 

Dietary vitamins, plant-derived polyphenols, fatty acids, proteins including collagen, amino acids, and trace minerals have demonstrated powerful results on skin health and appearance; hence, the use of nutraceuticals targeting skin is steadily growing in trend. 

Development & Innovation

Considering this research, Active Beauty developed a multi faceted supplement targeted at young to middle age health and beauty enthusiasts battling aging. Over the course of a year we developed B.Skin Tight made with an advance formulation that triggers a higher production of Collagen with active Vitamin C, Ionic Minerals and a ground breaking Antioxidant (Astaxanthin), clinically proven to enhance Marine Collagen’s ability to create new skin tissue, as well as fight off free radicals that damage our healthy skin and muscles. With a reputation for its multi-faceted skin and endurance benefits, Specialists are intrigued by Active Beauty’s skin tightening formula as is not like any other collagen out there

Superior Marine Collagen

Bovine, porcine, poultry, and marine fish are the four main sources of collagen. B. Skin Tight’s hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides is superior to that of porcine or bovine (grass-fed) sources, owing to its high absorption rate and bioavailability. Expect to pay more for the best results, therefore, B. Skin Tight’s sustainably sourced, Non-Gmo Pure Marine collagen costs a little more than others main stream collagens
Made up of smaller branched amino acids (mostly the types glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and arginine) that together create longer collagen fibers that form tissue which make it extremely effective for wound healing and skin regeneration

Age Dying

B.Skin Tight 

Considered this the Fountain of Youth, B.Skin Tight is scientifically formulated with new wave ingredients to restore collagen and hyaluronic acid, stimulating smooth, radiant skin & reducing wrinkles with the added benefits of improved elasticity, hydration, and muscle support.

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