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B.Skin Tight

9-in-1 Essential Nutrients & Minerals

B.Skin Tight by Active Beauty® is an advanced beautifying formula made with the First Nutrient-Infused Marine Collagen boasting the best matrix to restore your glow by regenerating skin cells and enhancing workout performance for optimal results.

Drink your way to visibility firmer, fitter, and glowing skin.

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9-in-1 Essential Nutrients & Minerals

B.Skin Tight restores collagen and hyaluronic acid stimulating smooth, radiant skin & reducing wrinkles with the added benefits of improved elasticity, hydration, and muscle support

Superior Marine Collagen

Unlike synthetic exogenous collagen regularly sold in bulk, our Superior Marine Collagen is pure endogenous collagen infused with an advanced blend of beautifying minerals, antioxidants, and proteins that accelerate the function and production of collagen to maximize its benefits — on to you.

Antioxidant Superstar

We’ve discovered how to accelerate collagen production with Astaxanthin (micro algae) – a groundbreaking Antioxidant clinically proven to enhance skin tissue rejuvenation and combat free radicals that attack our healthy tissue and cells daily.

Optimize Recovery & Elasticity

Get a luxe dose of Bamboo Silica Extract in every serving of B.Skin Tight, the beauty enhancing trace mineral, vital for the optimal synthesis of collagen, dramatically improves your skin strength and elasticity, and more!



9 Supercritical Nutrients (or multi-active pro collagen nutrients) Active Beauty™ uses the Power of 9, formulated with multi-active pro collagen benefits to power skin radiance, wrinkle reduction and hydration.

Organic | Non-GMO | Gluten Free

Unlike synthetic collagen regularly sold in bulk, Superior Marine Collagen is 100% endogenous collagen ethically sourced from wild marine life in North America. Together with Mother-Nature we've formulated the most advance collagen boost powder.

The First Nutrient-Infused Collagen Powder

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So far I LOVE it. I can noticeably feel a difference and have increased muscle strength and energy during my workouts.

Alice B.

Verified customer

More energy than I’ve had in years after a few weeks! Amazing!!! I’ve tried so many supplements over the years and never hard results like this!

Lilian T.

Verified customer

In terms of the impact on my energy levels, this is the most powerful supplement I’ve ever tried.

Sheila C.

Verified customer

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Get Radiant Skin in 60 Days

Try California’s new skin-transforming subscription for 60 days at no-risk. Offer ends soon.

B.Skin Tight

Easy Starter – 10 Pack



B.Skin Tight

Skin Transforming – 20 Pack



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