Why Active Beauty

The Active Beauty 9 in 1 Formula Is Superior To All Other Collagens!

Want to Defy Aging? Dietary vitamins, plant-derived polyphenols, fatty acids, proteins including Collagen, amino acids, and trace minerals have demonstrated powerful results on skin health and appearance [13]; hence, the use of nutraceuticals targeting skin is steadily growing.

Considering this research, Active Beauty developed a multi faceted supplement targeted at young to middle age health and beauty enthusiasts battling aging.

Why is it Superior to all other Collagens? 

Active Beauty triggers a higher production of Collagen with active Vitamin C, Ionic Minerals and a ground breaking Antioxidant (Astaxanthin), clinically proven to enhance Marine Collagen’s ability to create new skin tissue, as well as fight off free radicals that damage our healthy skin and muscles.

With a reputation for its multi-faceted skin and endurance benefits,  Specialists are intrigued by Active Beauty as is not like any other collagen out there.

Where is our Collagen sourced from?

Bovine, porcine, poultry, and marine fish are the four main sources of collagen. Active Beauty’s Marine collagen is superior to that of porcine or bovine (grass-fed) sources, owing to its high absorption rate and bioavailability.  Made up of smaller branched amino acids (mostly the types glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and arginine) that together create longer collagen fibers that form tissue which make it extremely effective for wound healing and skin regeneration. Expect to pay more for the best results, therefore, Active Beauty’s sustainably sourced, Non-Gmo Pure Marine collagen costs relatively higher than bovine and porcine sources.

Interested in ageless skin, stronger hair and nails, Active Beauty supports firmness, elasticity & radiance. It not only enhances collagen, it boosts Natural Hyaluronic Acid: known for its ability to hydrate, moisturize, and plump skin reducing unwanted wrinkles and skin sagging.  Unlike other Collagens, it’s been formulated with an essential skin antioxidant, Vitamin C to guarantee Collagen Production required in this cellular process.

Bone, ligaments and tendons constitute 75% collagen, thus why it’s vital to add Collagen to your routine.  Marine Collagen is a great source of these amino acids (arginine, glutamine, glycine and proline). Active Beauty makes it even easier with combining all the nutrients your body needs to improve your skin’s overall appearance and aid muscle recovery at the same time. For people with an active lifestyle, active beauty’s a game changer is not just for creating younger looking skin, you will see the following;

  • Recover Faster: Increased Muscle Energy and Stamina 
  • Reduces Inflammation:  Repairs connective tissues that are inflamed after intense workout. 
  • Reduces Injuries:  Reduce joint pain and soreness
  • Healthy Muscle Development: Maintains nitrogen balance 
  • Stimulates Stronger Bones:  improving bone mineral density and reducing breakdown 

Do you experience Hormonal Upsets? 

As we age, We need amino acids to produce healthy levels of hormones.  These have been demonstrated to support healthy thyroid function and offsets cortisol (stress hormone) imbalance. Another great outcome is a happier mood which we all strive for.   

Motivated yet?   Additionally, Marine Collagen is associated with Weight-loss as it improves satiety so you can make better food choices.  An exciting uncovering is that fat deposits tend to decrease which can significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Perfect support for creating that ultimate beach body you strive for.

Active Beauty Marine Collagen + Electrolytes tones, firms and tightens skin, which is why it’s becoming a staple for its many anti-aging effects. 

Additional Marine Collagen Benefits: 

  • Lowers blood sugar due to high levels of glycine, improving insulin resistance.
  • Improved Digestion and deceased unwanted foreign bacterias or leaky gut; aiding healthy flora and gut health.
  • Liver Detox: Marine Collagen’s high glycine aids liver function to process and eliminate pesticides, xenoestrogens, and toxins from the environment, food, and products we use.

Why Collagen with Antioxidants for Active Lifestyles?

Trail blazers, Active Beauty’s 9 in 1 Powerhouse formula boasts one of the most unique superfoods with clinical trials for anti-aging. This natural Micro algae sourced Astaxanthin; more powerful than other daily antioxidants, reduces inflammation, enhances stamina and creates new beautiful skin followed by healthier, powerful muscles.  

This Super Antioxidant and Energizer, Astaxanthin; is a red carotenoid from the richest marine source;  Haematococcus Pluvialis Micro algae. A miracle of nature, Astaxanthin emerges to protect animals in the peak of their struggle against harsh environmental conditions, including UV radiation and attack by free radicals. When the alga experiences harsh conditions, astaxanthin is created and acts like a force field that protects the nuclear DNA and lipids against UV-induced oxidation.

It get’s its reputation after researchers uncovered how Salmon source their energy and power.  Salmon return to rivers from the sea,  swimming back upstream to spawn. They swim against the flow, so they need a great deal of power. While in the sea, salmon accumulate reserves of astaxanthin found in micro algae to serve as a source of energy when they set out on their arduous journey.

New Skin Discoveries for Astaxanthin:

Astaxanthin slows down collagen breakdown and decreases wrinkle formation by its' prevention of reactive oxygen species (ROS) from damaging the top layer of skin and its' reduction of inflammation from UVB light.  Proven to decrease wrinkle formation, Antioxidants are free radical scavengers that sponge up damaged cells which in essence will dramatically improve skin and body cells. 6000 times more effective at mopping up free radicals than vitamin C and 550 times more ‘active’ than vitamin E and green tea, as evidenced in clinical studies carried out by Dr Debasis Bagchi at Creighton University in the US.  Enhances microcirculation and support oxygen saturation,

Skin Benefits:

  •   Protects from aging and promotes healthy, luminous skin
  • Inhibits collagen breakdown, inflammatory skin mediators, and free radicals, 
  • Skin Protection - protects the skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays, plus it improves the elasticity of the skin, helping it to stay plump and wrinkle-free.

Active Endurance/Recovery Benefits

  • Increased Stamina/Energy and Recovery: clinically proven to support the body’s inflammatory response during strenuous activity
  • Improves lipid burning as a fuel source (reduces fat storage)
  • Natural Anti-inflammatory:  reduces injuries from overuse as well as pain in the joints (like arthritis), tendons, and muscles.
  • Protects the brain and nervous system from oxidative stress, memory loss, and cancer

Why Hydration is key to Radiant Skin and Active Lifestyles?

Electrolytes:  are also key minerals and essential hydrators for Skin and Sweat. Vitamins and minerals fuel people's bodies to work properly. Here are few powerful reasons to hydrate through out the day, during activity and before sleep.

  • Hydration- balances intra and extra cellular fluids.  
  • Provides essential minerals and electrolytes to prevent dehydration in the skin and improve muscle function.
  • Powers up the cellular level of the skin, increasing volume, and hydration.
  • Prevent muscle cramps by improving calcium/magnesium balance to allow proper contracting and relaxing of the muscles. 
  • Magnesium to fight against tiredness and fatigue
  • Increases stamina and energy 

How Silica and Marine Collagen Make a difference?

A study conducted by the University of São Paulo, Brazil released that silicon is necessary for optimal collagen production and activation of hydroxylating enzymes, improving skin strength and elasticity.

Bamboo Extract possesses the richest amount of Silica of any plant. Essential to your body, Silica provides stronger bones, increased joint flexibility, healthier hair, enhanced skin elasticity and more durable nails.

A key influence on the absorption of minerals necessary for our body’s overall health, silica naturally boosts the body’s own presence of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and boron, essential for strong bone development, reducing concerns of Osteoporosis.

Silica is a beauty enhancing mineral believed to promote glowing skin, superior nail protection and more rapid hair growth with more strength and shine. 

Regarding your skin, silica is vital for the optimal synthesis of collagen and for activating hydroxylation enzymes. Supporting your collagen network will improve your skin strength and elasticity, and it is suggested that strands of hair with higher silicon content tend to have a lower rate of falling out and have greater shine. Your nails are also positively affected by the presence of silica and collagen, and healthy nails will boost your appearance and prevent infections.

With a reputation for its multi-faceted skin and endurance benefits,  Specialists are intrigued by Active Beauty as is not like any other collagen out there. Formulated for powering younger, healthier skin and muscles; ideal for the forward thinkers, leaders who want to make a huge step into a better; Beautiful Strong, You.


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