About Us

In 2018 the founder of Active Beauty, Stephanie Bastow, Kinesiologist & Nutrition Spokesperson specializing in Anti-Aging uncovered breakthrough results about aging.

First of all, we all want the best and we want to ensure we get the results we are pining for: To feel and look our best. I have an array of knowledge and passion for creating products that help people achieve this on the inside & out.  

Collagen has so many youthful skin and body benefits, then there’s anti-aging vitamin C and reducing wrinkle creams for day or evening, serums, topical gels and whole array of supplements. People get confused with what to take and end up overwhelmed. 

Not only that, you have to take so many products at the same time to start seeing results. This is not only costly but time consuming. It also makes it hard to stick to a daily routine thats consistent and produces results.

Collagen has  a positive effect on so many aspects of our body. Research confirmed not only that our marine collagen peptides has the highest biovavailbility, its superior ability to supports skins firmness, elasticity & radiance . Renown for its capability to reduce wrinkle but there is so much more. 

Through deep investigation the team at active beauty discovered  that the marine collagen peptide works on the whole body from skin to the joints and bones. In addition to be able to use a Marine source shown to increase Hyaluronic Acid, a molecule that can bind to 1,000 times its own weight in water and is wonderful for skin and joints alike.

Extensive research revealed collagen production is strong in our early years, but as we age our ability to reproduce collagen diminishes.

Stephanie realized an effective multi purposed collagen supplement would have the potential to transform the way people look and feel both inside & out.

“Our research revealed that collagen needs additional support like most enzymatic processes in the body. As the body ages, it doesn’t build collagen where we want it, like it use to or all on its own. We knew this was an issue we needed to solve.”

“We realized we needed to enhance collagen production with other powerful nutrients to produce even more collagen, thereby reducing the signs of aging.”

Astaxanthin from micro algae inhibits collagen breakdownresulting in potent anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant effects.  

This was a huge uncovering.  I had the opportunity to not only provide a product that could increase collagen production but also decrease the amount of collagen that was declining over years.  Superior to other anti-oxidants, I’m confident in Astaxanthin’s ability.

Astaxanthin is a super potent antioxidant, 6,000 times more powerful than vitamin C, and 800 times more effective than Co Q10. Studies have shown it provides protection from UV rays and boosts immunity.   

We are excited to be educators and share our uncoverings. Astaxanthin is an uprising joint super nutrient, great for relieving pain in arthritis sufferers. It can reduce inflammation and limit further breakdown of cartilage which became a must have nutrient for formulating Active Beauty. 

Mulifaceted for Skin and Fitness, Active Beauty vastly understood the opportunity here and continued to look at the whole picture. People want to feel and look their best.  Combining supporting nutrients that aid collagen production quicker like vitamin c essential in the synthesis of collagen and Bamboo (Silica) Extract. The addition of super antioxidants to help sponge up age related cells running ramped and by paying attention to the engines needs like magnesium for proper muscle function and other key ionic minerals essential for hydrating the skin in the body.  Active beauty has made a huge impact on peoples beauty and fitness regime.

We are excited that we can provide all the skin and muscle benefits in one easy step. We pride ourselves on being leaders and creating the highest quality supplements that will change lives.

Since Active Beauty launched in 2019, the testimonials have been glowing, widely used by beauti-letes, fitness enthusiasts, & fashionistas with a zest for beautiful, glowing skin in addition to a quicker recovery after workouts.

Gaining a reputation for its multi-faceted endurance and skin benefits,  Active Beauty is extremely proud of their 9 in 1 formula. 

“We believe it's not like any other collagen.”

Formulated for powering younger, healthier skin and muscles; meant for the forward thinkers, leaders and those on the move who want to catapult to; Beautiful Strong, Inside & Out.