Who We Are


Meet Stephanie 

The founder of Active Beauty, Stephanie Bastow, is a Kinesiologist & Nutrition Spokesperson specializing in reversing the signs of aging. After extensive research, Stephanie and her team perfected the Active Beauty Marine Collagen & Electrolytes formula, which is providing breakthrough results in anti-aging for people around the world.


Our “Why”


"We set out to create the highest quality, most effective collagen enhancing supplement possible, for the beautiful and active woman."

 We don’t let our age define our body’s physical capabilities, yet we let it define the confidence of our appearance. From wrinkle reducing creams and serums to supplements, we waste time, energy and money sifting through the vast array of anti-aging products to develop an effective, daily routine.

Active Beauty Collagen makes the search for topical products and supplements a thing of the past. Our unique 9-in-1 formula is made with ingredients that are clinically proven to enhance new skin production. Get back to a daily routine that is both simple and effective.

 "The Active Beauty™ one-stop solution brings superior results with the science to back it up." 


Our 9-in-1 Formula Contains:

Pure Marine Collagen - non-GMO and sustainably sourced from wild marine fish

Astaxanthin - a red carotenoid and powerful antioxidant that is marine sourced from natural micro algae

Bamboo Extract - is the most bio available source of Silica and possesses the richest amount of any plant. Silica is vital for optimal synthesis of collagen to strengthen hair and nails, prevent hair thinning, and alleviate eczema and psoriasis symptoms 

Vitamin C - a key nutrient in collagen synthesis

Other Key Ingredients - 4 ionic minerals, electrolytes, essential amino acids, and protein

Change Your Image of Beauty to Fit Your Active Lifestyle

The Ultimate Beauty Booster

  • Slows collagen breakdown by preventing reactive oxygen species (ROS) from damaging the skin and reduces inflammation from UVB light.
  • No need for invasive treatments! It aids in new healthy skin cell growth by producing fibrin and elastin at a cellular level.
  • Supports natural Hyaluronic Acid which hydrates, moisturizes, and plumps skin reducing wrinkles and sagging.
  • Free radical scavenger should be its nickname. Improving skin cells, it’s 6000 times more effective at mopping up free radicals than vitamin C and 550 times more “active” than vitamin E and green tea.
  • Protects skin and reduces photo-aging by protecting the skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays.
  • Say hello to hydration. It provides essential hydrators for skin and sweat. Vitamins and minerals fuel your body to work properly.

Turn Body & Workout Woes into Wins

  • Drink up to a speedy recovery with the repair and retention of connective tissues after an intense workout.
  • Work out harder, faster & stronger. Improves joint flexibility and natural anti-inflammatory to reduce joint pain, muscle soreness, and helps prevent injury to ligaments and tendons.
  • Reduces fat storage and delays the onset of fatigue.
  • Promote your bone health. Strengthens bones by improving bone mineral density and naturally boosting iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and boron to help reduce concerns of Osteoporosis.
  • Prevents dehydration to improve muscle function.
  • Reduces oxidative stress and memory loss to help prevent Alzheimers and cancer.