3 Holistic Health Benefits of Collagen

3 Holistic Health Benefits of Collagen

What was once a skincare secret has now been widely acknowledged by the skincare community as an anti-aging essential. Collagen is everywhere and it is here to stay, because the results prove the numerous benefits these skincare ingredients hold. Collagen is actually found all throughout the body and is considered an abundant protein. It is tasked with the job of maintaining healthy skin and strong bones. So, when it comes to anti-aging we talk about collagen in terms of topping up natural levels, especially as we start to age and the natural production of collagen tends to decrease. The reason this is so important is that studies have shown us that collagen contains many medicinal properties that can drastically improve our skin, health, and vitality.

The best way to increase your collagen levels is through a collagen supplement and we believe that here at Active Beauty we have cracked the code on the best formula that achieves optimal anti-aging results. But before we get any further into that, let us highlight 3 holistic health benefits of collagen so that you can get a better idea of how magnificent this clever little ingredient really is. We have decided to focus on the holistic health benefits of collagen, rather than just the skincare benefits. That is because we believe beauty is not just skin deep and vitality comes from the inside out. Here at Active Beauty we understand this deeply and know that the quest for health and beauty is an ongoing one that is sometimes difficult to navigate. So, we take all the guesswork out by having our product be all-natural and holding the ability to transform your body – inside and out.

High levels of Antioxidant properties

The Astaxanthin in our formula is a rich source of antioxidants and unless you have been living under a rock you will know just how incredible these are for you. Not only does it improve blood flow and as such lowers stress levels but it also fights against free radicals and has even been linked to treating various cancers. Within our Active Beauty formula, our antioxidant properties do not stop there at astaxanthin! The marine collagen in our recipe also includes antioxidant properties that slow the effects of aging.

Bone Health

Many studies have shown us that collagen contains many of the building blogs necessary for optimal bone health. This is important for everyone – young and old – because the best way to handle bone deterioration with age is through prevention.

Slow down the aging process

Marine collagen contains peptides which have been proven to increase thickness of skin cells. When this plumpness occurs around the face and neck, it has the ability to fill out existing wrinkles and prevent future ones. That is why we love talking about collagen in terms of a supplement, rather than an ingredient within a skincare product, because you achieve the results all over your body rather than just one region where it is topically applied.

How to get more collagen in your diet? Use a collagen supplement!

So now we know all of the holistic health benefits of using collagen, you might next be wondering how you can get your hands on some of this miracle product? We all know that supplements are a fantastic way of topping up your levels of anything, and collagen is no exception. Here at Activebeauty.co we are all about providing you with a quality product that gives real tangible results. That is why we have formulated our unique products with ingredients that have the potential to contribute to higher levels of collagen production. We designed out marine collagen with you in mind, catering to your busy and active lifestyle!

So, what are you waiting for? Start seeing all of the above benefits and more once you incorporate collagen supplements into your diet! It’s a simple, easy and daily fix to improving overall vitality.