Has Iceland discovered the fountain of youth?

Has Iceland discovered the fountain of youth?

I have always had a love for traveling and seeing how country to country cultures have their own unique beauty inside and out. From customs and daily active routines, unique soil to ocean landscapes, local farm to table delicacies each county seems to have a uniqueness that brings ageless beauty.


Yes, Ageless Beauty surely spiked my attention while I was in Iceland and uncovered some incredible qualities about their precious land. 

While visiting the infamous Blue Lagoon and soaking my recently broken collarbone, I noticed that my muscles began to relax, my injuries began to fade and my energy increased.  I felt youthful and intrigued.  I couldn’t help but have to uncover what was in this natural lagoon so I approached one of the lovely staff members offering a natural mud mask that you apply while floating through the baths.  She informed me that the mask was rich in Silica which would strengthen my skin, reduce my wrinkles and make my skin more radiant. Learn more about the benefits of marine collagen

She told me more about how this natural body of water exists. The sea water comes up through the ground at a thermal temperature of 38 degrees Celsius and full of naturally rejuvenating minerals for achy muscles and skin.

Chlorine? No, the soil also has natural sea algae that prevent bacteria growth, protects the skin from the sun as well as supports collagen and increases its absorption in the body. Learn more about the best marine collagen available today.

What I uncovered is that if you want to feel great inside and out on any landscape, you want your body to feel strong and healthy, you want your skin to feel tight and glow then, let’s start by making our own daily routine like the Icelandic Fountain of Youth.

My Daily Active Beauty Routine:

  • Drinking the best quality of water. 
  • Add electrolytes and minerals.
  • Marine collagen proteins and natural algae to support protein synthesis to develop healthy muscles and tight skin.
  • We too can bath in Iceland’s fountain of youth and have beautiful skin and body.

Inspired by Active Beauty,


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